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Can I Handle It?
by Dionna Sanchez

I donít know if I can handle this parenting thing. I think I might faint, or at least throw up. My nerves just rattle and shake and fears are at my door all of the time.

I donít know if I can handle my daughter starting to date. What if he breaks her heart? What if heís a creep and she loves him?

I donít know if I can handle my kids starting to drive. A car can kill! What if they are reckless one day with friends or simply show poor judgment and hit somethingÖor worse yetÖsomeone?

I donít know if I can handle puberty. The hormones, the mood swings Ė how do I know when to be patient and back off and when to throw my arms around my girls? How do I know when to ask questions and when to wait to be approached?

I donít know if I can handle the whole ďFriendship thing.Ē Girls are catty. Downright mean. 

I donít know if I can handle high school graduation. To let my children make their own decisions in life Ė thatís monumental. It will be somewhat freeing to not have that responsibility on my shoulders anymore Ė but terrifying too. To stand by Ė can I do that?

I donít know if I can handle weddings. Will it feel like Iím losing my child forever when they still feel like wee ones in my heart?

I donít know if I can handle waiting up at night when it comes time for curfew. Where have they been? Who were they with? Did they see things I didnít want them to see Ė hear things I didnít want them to hear? Do things I didnít want them to do?

I donít know. Maybe Iím not cut out to be a mom. My heart is in my throat half of the time and just when I think the road is smooth sailing, I have another major juncture to cross with my kids.

And yet when I stop and think of my life without these precious beings? I might as well be dead. Because thatís what the thought does to my heart Ė it deadens it. I canít imagine life without them. I canít imagine not having memories of cleaning throw-up on the carpet. I canít imagine not having memories of holding a child while they cried or running in at night when they were scared. I canít fathom not having memories of sleepovers (and sleepless nights). Where would I be today and how empty would my life be without the memories of doing something goofy and silly in a public place because of my great love for my child?

Whether or not I think I can handle it Ė Iím there. I will do the best I can. Love with all I am. Learn as much as I can. The rest has to be up to God. 

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Romans 8:37
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

~ Dionna Sanchez is Founder of the ministry. 

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