keepsakes and scrapbooks


Summer Keepsake Ideas
by Deborah Shelton

Don't let the carefree days of summer fade away. Keep your memories of fun in the sun fresh with these keepsake ideas.

* Collages

Collages are super fun and easy to make. Just about 
anything can be turned into a collage. Make one from 
photos; one from drawings you made over the summer; one from bird feathers you collected; one from postcards of places you or your friends visited. Display your creation in a frame, or take it to a local print shop to have color copies made to send to family and friends. 

* Scrapbooks

You can have a lot of fun making scrapbooks, but if you're not careful, it can become overwhelming. If you have a huge box of undated photos, don't try to tackle the entire box in one day. Start with the most recent pictures, such as ones from this summer. Include other items such as movie ticket stubs, amusement park receipts, tour brochures, etc. Visit a craft or office supply store to find acid-free paper that won't fade as much over time.

* Summer Time Capsule

Gather items for a time capsule, to be opened in some 
distant summer. Place them in a plastic box with a lid, or 
a large shoebox. Include special photos; a current 
newspaper; a list of favorite things (each person in the family makes a list of their favorite things: movies, songs, foods, books, etc.); a road map from a summer trip; take-out menus from favorite restaurants; and maybe even a videotape of a few summer events.

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keepsakes and scrapbooks


keepsakes and scrapbooks