Journaling Life


Journaling for Health: 5 Helpful Techniques
by Patti Testerman
Journal Genie

1. Write about how you feel about everyday events; writing about the events is fine, but be sure to include the feelings. The goal is to get the intense emotions on paper and out of your body/mind.

2. Write about the issues that are most impacting your life today, particularly any health concerns.

3. Make a list of everything causing you stress—which can lead to ill-health, then note what you can (or cannot) do about each item.

4. If you can’t get an event out of your mind—like an unpleasant conversation with a co-worker—write what you wish the conversation had unfolded, in dialogue form.

5. Create a mantra or positive affirmation, then journal ways to fulfill the affirmation. An example of a mantra might be: “I am safe, my life is filled with peace.” 

Finally, re-read your journals on a consistent basis, looking for self-defeating or negative patterns.

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Journaling Life


Journaling Life