journaling children


Birthday Notebooks
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

I saw a great idea in a magazine a few years ago. Instead of keeping a regular journal for your children you keep a birthday notebook.

Each year on your child’s birthday you take the time to write to them. You can talk to them a little bit about their accomplishments and dreams that year along with some funny things that happened to them or cute sayings. Add in some of their favorites – favorite foods, colors, shows, hobbies, etc and who their friends are at the moment. Include some of your favorite pictures from that year along with a birthday photo.

After you have done all of that you can take the time to share some of your wishes and dreams for your child. They might be similar from year to year or change depending on the struggles and phases you go through together. Your child may even want to keep their own version of a birthday notebook and include extra things like birthday cards or mementos. As your child matures this will be a neat book to reflect back on and see how things change from year to year. Not only that – it will help them record their life in a fun way.

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journaling children


journaling children