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The Man of the House
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

Moms have a great deal of responsibility within the home. There is no question that a home will only run smoothly if mom is on top of her game in her organization skills and if she radiates the warmth and gentleness her children need.

Yet as vital as mom is; dad is vital too. He is vitally important in the children’s daily lives and in how he relates to his wife as a spouse.

Children need a strong father figure. Dads like to play with their children and are so good at being the “fun one” when mom is left to relegate the yes and no’s most of the time. But there are some areas that get neglected by fathers in their quest to spend time with their children.
Dads need to truly be the “man of the house.” They should command and earn respect by doling out discipline when it’s needed and helping mom enforce the rules. They should insist that their children speak to mom in respectful tones and encourage character in their children by meaningful exchanges and sometimes-necessary lessons.

A home can be lots of things but in order for a family to be healthy and for children to learn how they should act as an adult, how they should treat a spouse and/or be treated by a spouse in return; dad needs to step up to the plate.

A mom can be the center of her child’s life at times; but she cannot be both a mother and a father. She needs to support her husband and let him truly be the head of the household. This doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a doormat or never hold disagreements with your spouse. It simply means to be a helpmate and encourage your husband to be a wise family leader. 

A mom’s job will be easier if she has a teammate to trust and rely on. So if she allows her man to really be “the man” the family as a whole will be healthier.

~ Dionna Sanchez writes from her heart to encourage moms. She is Founder of the Emphasis On Moms Ministry at Visit Emphasis today to get the inspiration you need as a mom, wife, and woman.

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husband wife relationship parenting


husband wife relationship parenting