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Defining Moments
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

Iíve been hugging and holding my daughter a little tighter this week. You see, we had to rush her to the hospital in the middle of the night last week. And although she is fine now, I am still a bit emotional about it. It was a very traumatic experience for us.

It is very hard for a mommy to see her child in pain. And when Kamica went through her ordeal, it scared me because it reminded me that I couldnít protect her from everything. And I hate hearing that! My whole life could have changed dramatically in one evening.

We hear so often how we should hug those we love and tell them often that we love them. But how often do you tell them what it is that you love about them?

The first thing I missed was Kamicaís lively chatter. On so many days that chatter would go non-stop and Iíd plead for just a little bit of quiet. And yet on this evening it was the very thing I longed to hear! I missed her smile and laughter too.

I realize though, that Iím lucky. I know that I tell Kamica often that I love her and my arms never seem to get enough of her hugs. Despite that, my love and hugs have increased for her since her emergency room experience. I wouldnít have thought that possible a week ago because I thought my heart was already so full of love for her!

Our children are so vulnerable and precious. I learned that as much as I cherish my children, I am capable of cherishing them even more. They are human just like us and the unpreventable can happen at any time. And it will feel so wrong if something should happen to them before it happens to us.

I felt just a taste of how empty my heart and life could be without the bubbly talk and laughter of my little redhead. It was a defining moment for me. 

Enjoy your children. Appreciate their uniqueness and their tendencies even if at times you feel you will grow weary of these traits. We are so blessed to have our children and witness their special personalities as they grow. Donít ever take them for granted and donít wait for a defining moment where something traumatic happens to make you realize how valuable your loved ones are to you.

Soak up every moment you can with them for your children are treasures that can never be replaced.

~Dionna Sanchezí defining moment came in the middle of the night when her daughter had air pockets in her colon causing intense physical pain. She hugs her a little more tenderly now and shares what she learns with other moms at

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loving and hugging your child


loving and hugging your child