holiday thankfulness


Gratitude in Trying Times
by Shannon Jarvies
A Moms Joy

You would think that after all that's happened since September 11 most Americans -- and many people throughout the world -- would have deep feelings of ingratitude. Thousands of families have been torn apart. Many Americans will feel great sorrow this Thanksgiving because of the empty seat at the table.

In spite of all this, our country has come together and hearts have been touched all around the world. The spirit of love, courage and sympathy has been overwhelming. I'm sure even the families of the victims are grateful at this time for the support and love from our nation.

Many people are now re-thinking their life strategies. Divorce rates are down. A nation once torn by race, religion and color is now holding hands and praying together. The worries of yesterday have been replaced by one question: What's really important? And that "what" has been replaced with "who."

Since that tragic day in September I've noticed many things I hadn't before. I don't just listen to my kids talk anymore. I watch them. I savor their smiles and the depth of the color in their eyes. I embrace the little things. The giggles of excitement and even their snores and mumblings when they sleep are magic to my ears.

Why is it that most people do not recognize the miracles in
their life until a tragedy occurs? Why did it take the tearing
apart of our nation to pull us together?

This Thanksgiving the sky will be bluer, the pumpkin pie will
be sweeter and I won't get annoyed at rude remarks made at the dinner table. Not because I'm a different person, but because I'm seeing life through different eyes.

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holiday thankfulness

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holiday thankfulness