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When you find a good, well written article, review the following guidelines:

Authentic: click the author name to learn more about the type of articles the author has submitted. You may see inconsistency as you see other conflicting topics that author has submitted.
Audience: Look for articles that would appeal to a traditional, Christian worldview
Agenda: We're looking for authors who simply love writing. We don't mind if the author wants to gently promote their own website and writing profession. But steer clear of the more aggressive marketing done through articles. Especially avoid sites that offer health, medical, or relationship advice/products. Ask yourself, "would you buy something from this person?"
Content: Strictly avoid any articles that offer medical, health, and relationship advice. In fact, be careful with any advice or recommendations. Be especially cautious with advice toward children. Remember, we live in a lawsuit crazy culture. These articles could be read and interpreted in many ways, in many cultures. If you have any concern, move on to the next article.
Try to avoid controversial topics.
Links: Take a moment to click through links and do a reasonable investigation of those sites. Look a little shady? Move on.
Length: Minimum length of 2-3 paragraphs. (We don't publish the short, one paragraph "devotionals".)

When you find articles that are worthy of publishing, click "Ezine publisher" and then cut/paste the url address to a Notepad (txt) document.

When you are ready to submit articles for publishing, simply attach the .txt Notepad document to your email.