Gratefulness: Responding Positively To God's Grace In My Life
by Lee Wise
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Lee Wise 2003 All rights reserved 

One of the many ways gratefulness could be defined is "grace in action." 


Because at the heart of gratefulness is humility. As a 
redeemed man or woman I know my place. My place is at the feet of Jesus. 

I realize that were it not for the love and mercy of my
Savior, I would not...

*Recognize truth as I do
*Experience God's presence as I do
*Look forward to the hope I have
*Or strive to live the way I want to live

And it is from this perspective -- the view from the foot
of an executioner's tool -- that I bow and give thanks.

Grace understood mandates that I enter often into a very, very expansive piece of spiritual real estate. This grace pushes me to step into an ever changing, yet never ending, place of beauty where, as from a mountaintop, I am able to look out over the various pathways of my life and see the hand of God at all points. 

I see the people and events that have shaped my life, and I cry out: 

"Oh, God, thanks! Thank you for leading me. Thank
you for helping me so many, many times. And thank you
for the times when your love has simply 'taken over.'
Times when I couldn't speak or share with you what I
was feeling -- at least verbally. I knew, though, that
you totally understood how I felt: from the 'inside out'


It has meant so much for me to see your answers to my
prayers over the years. To be sure, I still don't 
understand why some are not answered, but I learning
to trust your wisdom. It's a bit rough at times, but
I am learning!

Yes, Lord, I am grateful. Seeing life through the eyes
of grace is a wonderful blessing. Give me the strength
to always view my life in that way. 

I look forward to seeing you someday when I get home.

In Jesus' name, Amen." 

But it doesn't stop there. Grace understood also mandates that I strive to serve God and others because of what I have been given. The "view from the mountain top" challenges me *take action* and express my gratefulness to God by living for Him and trying to be a blessing to other people. 

In summary, then...

When I say that gratefulness may be defined as "grace in action," I mean that the grace I have been given -- in all of its forms -- is the very same grace that prompts me to give praise to God in all things, serve Him in the best way possible, reflect the light of His love in the world. 

Yours for many hope-filled days in Jesus,

(John 15:16) 

Lee is a seminary administrator, has a part-time business 
at home, and writes two motivational ezines: "A Beautiful
Moment In Time" and "Hope For Daily Living." 
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Gratefulness: Responding Positively To God's Grace