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How To Gift Wrap With A Unique Style
by Abigail Beal

Everybody is different and we all have our own style. Even if you donít think you have a style; you do. The way you dress and the colors you choose for your clothing. The way you speak and the words that you use and the sense of humor that you have indicates a part of your style. Your style is shown in your music preferences, the images that you are drawn to, what scents you prefer or do not like and what you admire. 

You can wrap with a unique style Ė itís easier than you might think. Just let some of your natural personality through. It is also important when you are giving a gift to consider the person you are giving the gift to. Just as you would not give your vegetarian friend the gift of three pounds of steak as a gift, you also want to remember your friends and loved ones when you are wrapping their gifts. If your friends have favorite colors or other special likes and dislikes, it can be a special touch to show and remember these when you are wrapping their gifts. Part of using your unique style, is showing how much you care about them. Someone once said that a lot of having good manners was about putting other people at ease and this is a great definition. A lot of being a good gift wrapper is thinking about who you are giving the gift to. 

Begin first by thinking of your friend or loved one. Think about their taste and preferences. What can you do to make this gift wrapping special for them? If their favorite color is purple then by all means wrap their birthday gift in purple. If their favorite dog is the Boston Terrier and you find great gift wrapping paper with these dogs on it, then this is a great choice. 

We live in a great society. There is gift wrap everywhere and you can find a ton of it on the Internet. Most gift wrap is good quality. Select it by the images that attract you and keep going. 

To complete gift wrapping you may also want to add a ribbon or an already self-stick on bow and an accessory. An accessory is something cute like a little stuffed animal, a flower, a picture ornament or a rubber duck. With an accessory you can do so much. Think of who you are giving the gift to. You can find most accessory items for less than two dollars. Just tie it on with the ribbon. Most of these items can be part of the gift. Recently I saw key chains that are miniatures of popular board games that a lot of us used to play as children Ė wouldnít that make a great accessory for a board game lover in your life? Keep your eyes open during your daily life and chances are you will start to get ideas for accessories so when you need them, they will be there. 

Part of gift wrapping is the presentation of the gift. Never apologize for your gift in any way. Offer your friend or loved one your good wishes and give them your gift. Now is not the time to talk about how they can return it if they donít like it Ė give them a chance to look at the item and get to know it before they can decide if they donít like it. Remember that most of us know that stores have return policies and we can return things if we donít like them. You have chosen something that you hope your friend or loved one will enjoy and appreciate and you are offering it with sincerity, then this intention will show through. 

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gift wrapping idea


gift wrapping idea