gift wrapping for kids


How To Giftwrap Beautifully For Children While Being Frugal 
by Abigail Beal

Gift wrapping materials can be expensive, when you add purchasing ribbon, bows and a card on top of gift wrap paper. How can you gift wrap beautifully while being frugal at the same time? 

Children like something that looks different and fun. Although they love their special cartoon characters, they really are just happy to see that you came to their party and they will be excited to see you. It would be a nice touch to use the birthday child’s favorite colors if your child knows these, or to use any other special favorites your child can remember – such as favorite animal, favorite flower or favorite song title. 

An excellent gift wrap choice is to use your Sunday newspaper cartoons. Often this section is large enough to wrap most children's gifts. The colorful cartoons make for a whimsical gift wrapping choice. Select a card that has a cartoon character wishing your child’s friend a happy birthday, or make a birthday card by cutting out a character and making a bubble over his or her cartoon head. 

Another choice is to use a plain grocery bag as gift wrapping, but to add something special on top of it. For just a dollar or two you can purchase a squirt gun at your five and dime shop. Consider a kazoo or another type of item that is a noisemaker. At the same dime store you can buy 50 cent cord to tie the squirt gun or noisemaker on to the present. 

For a package that is fun to do with your kids – wrap the package in craft white paper or grocery paper first. Then use fluorescent paper to cut out the birthday child’s name. You can buy this by the sheet for three cents at your local copy shop. Remember to wrap the present first and then to add the letters on. Use a glue stick to glue on the letters. Everyone will know who that gift is for. Buy a sheet of flourescent paper in a different color to make the birthday card. 

To wrap a present for a girl and give a package a feminine look – consider using craft white paper with grocery paper and then adding white or metallic doilies. With this method you will need to measure your gift approximately to figure out how much paper you need to make. Use small sized doilies. Consider using metallic doilies for a very flashy look. The white doilleys will look much softer. Use a glue stick and glue doilies on in an even measured pattern all over the paper. Let them dry overnight. Then wrap your present. Tie the gift with a pink or red ribbon or use a red or pink stick on bow. If you’ve chosen metallic doilies, use a metallic ribbon or bow. 

Finding creative ways to gift wrap inexpensively can be done, with a little thought and imagination. There are many materials in your own home right in front of your nose. Remember that people remember and enjoy your presence – not simply your presents! 

Happy wrapping!

Abigail Beal aka “the GiftWrap Goddess” teaches gift wrap in suburban New York. She publishes GiftWrapGoddessWraps, a zine about giftwrapping. To subscribe:

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gift wrapping for kids


gift wrapping for kids