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Give Special & Thoughtful That Gifts People Will Remember
by Abigail Beal

With so many chain stores, it can be hard to find “something different” for those that we love when it comes to gift giving.  How can you find something special to give as a gift?  With a little footwork and a little practice, you can quickly find some interesting and unique gifts. 

The first thing to think of is what the recipient’s personal tastes are. Do they love crossword puzzles and African violets? Are they an avid ballroom dancer and love Mexican food? Everyone has hobbies and things that they enjoy. These things can often lead you to finding the perfect gift. 

A good place to look for one-of-a-kind gifts is your local museum shops. Often they will have things made by local craftspeople and sometimes they sponsor a local crafts fair. This is a great place to pick up jewelry, artwork and decorative clothing. Often you can find historical books about the community or local artists at your local museum. 

Another good place to look for gifts is any larger museums, perhaps in a large city nearby. They will often have wonderful educational gifts for children that are creative and fun and usually they have gifts for children for different age groups. If it is an art museum the gift store will be art related but if it is an architecture museum the gift store will be related to architecture – so investigate museums that suit your gift recipient’s tastes. 

Consider looking to giving your friend a service-related gift. Most people would love a massage or dinner at a restaurant. Dinner at their favorite restaurant would be an excellent gift. Do some investigating and find something that suits their tastes. 

The internet is vast and many people say you can find everything on it. They’re nearly right. For something unique and vintage consider looking to the auction sites such as A charm bracelet lover would be thrilled with some new charms to celebrate a birthday. Or perhaps you can find a lunchbox with your friend’s favorite superhero character on it – a fond memory from childhood. Remember that auctions are auctions – so you never know you have an item until the auction is over. You also need to allow for time for the item to be shipped to you. 

Sometimes people like the gift of time. If your friend is a mother perhaps she would appreciate an evening of babysitting or a cleaning service for a day. Hiring a professional service or even a student for a day or several weeks could be a very welcome gift. Time is a very precious gift. 

Give your loved one the gift of knowledge, with a workshop or class of their choice. This is a wonderful gift for many people. Most people have subjects they are curious about – whether a personal hobby or a professional subject. Knowledge is something we all need. 

Another excellent gift is membership to an organization such as a museum or not for profit association. If your friend loves the ocean perhaps a membership to an aquarium would be a welcome gift. Someone who loves nature might also like membership to an organization such as the Sierra Club. There are many organizations out there doing good things. 

You have many options out there, not simply giving a sweater, a tie or a gift certificate. With a little investigation you can find something special that people will remember. 

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gift ideas


gift ideas