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How To Start A Home Based Gift Basket Business
by La Tunya Sifford
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As with any new business, you will have to make a number of decisions. What types of baskets will you offer? If you are working from home do you have enough space for creating your baskets?

What is your target market? And most of all how will you reach them? If you plan to start on a shoestring budget, start slow and work from home. running your business from home will allow you to save on overhead expenses.

Income Potential
Your income potential depends on how hard you work and market your business. Industry insiders estimate potential revenues to range from 10,000 annually working part time from home.

Your Gift Baskets
You can either offer a wide selection of gift baskets, or focus on a smaller market. Some of the common gift baskets being offered include the following:

Gourmet/Food Gift Baskets.
These are the most popular gift baskets businesses give to their clients, friends and family.

Bath And Body Gift Baskets. 
These are very popular! Ingredients of these baskets include toiletries like scented soaps, fragrances, oils, lotions, and aromatherapy products. These are just a few selections of gift baskets offered, the list goes on.

You inventory level should always grow as your sales grow. Start small, keeping inventory at a realistic level. You can purchase inventory for your gift baskets either wholesale or retail. I would advise buying at wholesale price, because you may buy in quantities.

About the author: La Tunya Sifford is a Work At Home Mom with two children, ages 13, and 18 months. She has a online gift basket business, where she enjoys creating beautiful gift baskets for personal and corporate gift giving. Visit her online at:

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How to Start a Gift Basket Business

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How to Start a Gift Basket Business