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I Just Want a Simple Life!
by Catherine Pulsifer
Stress Less Country

It was one of those days when you felt like winter was almost over. The sun was shining, there was no wind, and it actually felt a bit like spring! It was not a day to stay in the house. So, we went for a drive to a friend's house. While there, our friend's mother came over. 

As she came into the kitchen, she sighed. She looked tired. It was a beautiful day, yet she truly looked like we were in the middle of a winter storm. "What's wrong?" I asked. 

"Two things." she said. "First of all, here it is a beautiful day and I am at the office working all morning. The sun was shining in the windows; I could see people out walking, yet there I was working. And, secondly, today is Sunday. I worked all week, and now I am working on Sunday." She proceeded to explain, "I packed up my briefcase and decided to go for a drive. I will finish the rest of my work tonight." 

Listening to her talk brought back memories of my previous lifestyle. You work all week, then you also work the weekend; you work in the evening, but, you never seem to get caught up. 

As I was remembering, she sighed and said, "I just want a simple life! I am tired of working all the time!" 

My mind was racing with thoughts. A simple life, oh how I was so thankful for mine! I reflected on how complicated our life was previously. We needed to work to pay off the bills, to just survive. Or, at least we thought we did! 

It took us over 10 years to implement what she was referring to as a simple life. No longer do we have to work day and night, and on weekends. 

The quote from Confucius comes to my mind when I think of the work we now do: "If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work another day in your life." Our simple life meant we have left jobs that paid for our previous lifestyle. What we "work" at now, no longer feels like "work" as we love what we do. 

A simple life may mean giving up some of the things you once thought you needed. But, from our experience what we gave up does not compare to any of the things that we have gained. 

A simple life is all about choices. Choices like: 

- living in the country rather than the city 

- dining in rather than dining out 

- renting a movie rather than going to a theater 

- finding your passion rather than working at a job 

- living within your means rather than spending as a means to escape reality 

- questioning your 'needs' rather than just buying your 'wants' 

- buying used articles or products rather than buying new
- making your gifts rather than buying gifts 

- enjoying the simple things in life rather than taking them for granted! 

About the Author: 
Catherine Pulsifer is one of the authors of Stress Less Country. A journey to simplicity and a frugal lifestyle

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frugal simple living


frugal simple living