Just for Dads!

Top Ten Ways to be a Better Father
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
The expectations for fathers are increasing both at work and at home. Here are ten ways for fathers to be more effective in the most important job they’ll ever have. <more...>

Real Beauty
by Carl Caton 
I love family pictures. In fact, you might say I’m a little fanatical about it. At my office, I have the usual pictures of wife and kids in the ubiquitous 5x7 frame. And then I have the bigger collage frames. That’s where the ordinary seems to end. I’ve made copies of my favorites on the copy machine to put on the dash of my truck.

Fathers, Sons, and Masculinity
by Mark Brandenburg
My five-year-old son had a quirky smile that showed a mixture of pride and anticipation. He’d shown me his art project from school, and he was waiting for his mom. “Come on over and look at what Michael made,” I shouted to my wife. <more...>

Dad, Take Your Kids Perspective 
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC, 
"As a child, the critical eye of my father seemed to follow me around wherever I went." (Arthur C. Clarke)  It's quite easy for most fathers to look at their kids with a critical eye.  <more...>

Asking Great Questions
by Patricia R. Chadwick
Do you want to know what your teen is really thinking? Try asking great questions. Too many times we ask closed questions that require only a “yes” or “no” answer. Does this sound familiar:  “How was school?” “Good"  <more...> 

Your Legacy
By Dionna Sanchez
Have you thought of what ways you can leave a record of your life?  There are many ways you can tangibly pass on your thoughts, views and insight.  <more...>

Predators Online
by David Keyes
Most of us own and drive a car. While we know that the highway is filled with dangerous drivers, that fact doesn't usually cross our minds when we buckle up. Internet usage is increasing daily. As we become more <more...>

Train Your Teens in Love
by Patricia R. Chadwick
Ephesians 6:4 - "Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord."  <more...>

Bad Boys/Good Boys: 
Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Being A Deadbeat Dad
by Lee Wise
I WAS AMAZED - I could hardly believe what I was hearing. A father and
his son had entered the men's room. While I was washing my hands, I listened as the father wielded a series of demanding and demeaning statements at his son as if they were swords in a battle for ... <more...>

Who’s Your Daddy? How to Be a Good Dad in 5 yo 7 Minutes
by Steve Brummet
I am a dad. I have been now for over 8 years. And I suppose I don’t know just everything there is to know about being a dad, good bad or otherwise. I have learned a couple of things. <more...>

All I Want For Christmas . . . 
Parents, You May Be Surprised
by Linda Sharp
I am a huge advocate of parents getting into their children's schools on a regular basis. As a stay at home mom, I am able to assist in my daughters' classrooms each week. Whether helping with art projects, <more...>

How to Give Your Child A Priceless Legacy
By Dad David
In today’s world of microwave speed, channel surfing and drive-through everything’s (including weddings), words like “traditions”, “family roots”, and “legacy” seem to fit more comfortably in a discussion of times <more...>

13 Ways to Spend Time With Your Teenage Daughter
by Rachel Paxton
The older my daughter gets the more it's sinking in that I don't have much time left to spend with her! She's turning 16 in a couple of months, and I know I won't be seeing her much after she gets her driver's 

13 MORE Fun Things to Do With Your Teenage Daughter
by Carl Caton
Wow!  I liked Rachel Paxton's article above.  Some great ideas.  Here's a few more and a request to send in your ideas as well.   <more...>

Forgiving an Absent Dad
by Luis Palau
Apart from the power of Jesus Christ, I don't know how anyone can forgive a parent who has abandoned his or her family. Yet I do know that forgiveness is a prerequisite for finding personal peace. And I know also that Jesus Christ gives us the strength and resolve to forgive from the heart those who have deeply hurt us--as long as we are willing to allow him to work in our lives.

The History of Father's Day
by Patricia R. Chadwick
In today's world, Father's Day seems like a tradition that has been around forever. The truth of the matter is, however, that Father's Day is a relatively new institution, which became an official holiday only 29 years ago. <more...>

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