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Three Questions That Need To Be Answered
(That Is, If You Desire To Live A Life Of Excellence)
by Lee Wise

A Beautiful Moment In Time
Lee Wise All rights reserved

How would you answer this question: 

"Are there any patterns of thinking or acting you have noticed over the years that seem to be a part of what it means to live a quality life?" 

Your answer might include...

*Thinking positive
*Maintaining a level of high integrity
*Networking with people
*Learning from mentors
*Following your heart 


"Your quest for living a life of excellence will inevitably lead you to answer these questions on a regular basis: 

1. What is true?
2. What do I value the most?
3. What price am I willing to pay?" 


By way of example...

Anger, frustration, hurt feelings, sharp disagreements and even feelings of guilt could often be prevented if someone would call "Time out!" long enough to discover the facts. 

Do you know how, when listening to someone teach, you are following along -- and then in an instant you are "really with them" because of an example they use or a story they tell? 

I experienced those feelings in church one morning as our pastor recounted an incident that had (supposedly) taken place between a mother and her young child. 

While in the process of correcting her daughter, the mother reinforced this point: 

"I want you to know that if you come home early from school today again for getting in trouble you are *really* going to get it." 

You can guess what happened, can't you? the culprit arrived home early -- again. 

Obviously guilty, the daughter immediately received her "just due." 

Then came the question: "So, what did you do this time?" 

Through tears the youngster replied, "Nothing, mom. School was dismissed early." 

Taking time to discern the truth is essential. 

It is important in our relationships, business dealings, and in the art of self-evaluation just to name a few. 

Making the commitment to answer this question on a regular basis will help us continually refine our lives according to the highest standards of living: 

What is true here?"

And that leads us to the next question... 


Determining what I value the most in any given situation or environment will help me make decisions, give me insights regarding what plans I will make, and it may even help me set a policy or two. 

Allow me share with you a personal example. One of my highest values is "family." I am deeply committed to my wife and children.

Why not step inside my office for a moment and listen to what the boss shares with any new administrative assistant? 

"My family members are my top priority. When they call, they may *always* talk to me. 

If I am doing something or in a meeting, just inform them about what is going on and let *them* decide if they would still like to speak with me." 

And how have my children related to this policy? 

In one way or another I have heard each of my three daughters say: "That meant a great deal to me. I always felt I was important to you." 

Determine your top values. They will assist you in living a life of excellence. 

Now on to the third question...


Once the facts are realized and accepted...

*And* the degree of importance is acknowledged...

A good question to ask is: 

"What will I commit myself to do --

*At this time, 
*In view of what I know to be true and valuable, 
*In this particular setting?"

In other words, based on my assessment of the situation, what am I willing to *do* now? What price and I willing to pay? 

Generally speaking, the depth of my *felt* value will determine my level of commitment to whatever I decide to do. 

Two examples...

Recently I asked one of my brothers about his business. There was nothing inherently special about my inquiry -- except for two words: "his business." 

Behind those two words are mounds of expenditures in terms of time, energy and funds. 

Several years ago my attention level remained on high as I listened to my other brother speak during the graduation ceremony where he received his doctorate in journalism. 

am proud of my brothers. Each one saw what he wanted, made a commitment, and moved forward until his dream became a reality. 

Living a life of excellence always requires a certain level of commitment. 


Don't look. 
Try to remember them right now. 

In the pursuit of a quality life, you will find yourself returning again and again to determine the answers to three questions. Write them down or repeat them :) 

Number one is

 ____________________________________________ ?

Number two is

 ____________________________________________ ?

Number three is

 __________________________________________ ?


May your days be filled with many beautiful moments in time,


P.S. Right! The three questions are:

1. What is true?
2. What do I value the most?
3. What price am I willing to pay? 

P.P.S. Yes, I repeated these on purpose. 

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family values


family values