family traditions


family traditions

And the survey says...
By Carl Caton
Recently, while preparing to develop this webpage, I wanted to enlist the help of some experts on family issues to assist in creating ideas for family traditions. Actually, I enlisted twenty-four experts... my daughter's fourth grade class. I asked them to define the term "family tradition". Although I had already developed my own 'thoughtful response', I'm ashamed to say their definition was actually better!  <more...>

More Thoughts on Family Traditions
by Carl Caton
Here's ten more traditions that work great in our family.

1. Anything outdoors is fun for boys and girls. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking. Building a campfire is always a major event.  And here’s a great tip: check out non-profit camps and lodges, typically run by church organizations. You’ll find them comfy enough, reasonably priced, and already geared up for creating special moments.  <more...>

The four elements of effective family traditions!
by Carl Caton
When you create your own family tradition, make sure you consider the following three ‘musts’:

First, communicate to the family that you plan to do this regularly, even to the point that you set specific dates. Every year at Spring Break, we go camping at a great nearby state park… we plan on it.   <more...>

Family Time
by Rondi Hillstrom Davis
When you pick up any magazine, it’s easy to find an abundance of articles to help you organize your life. Most offer tips for cleaning out the closets, shuffling the papers on the desk, finding ways to organize the kid’s toys. 

30 Easy Family Traditions
By the Family Experts (of a Fourth Grade Class)
1.  One young lady mentioned that her father travels a great deal. But once a year, he takes her on a trip... just the two of them. I can imagine what a blast that must be! Here's more great ideas according to the experts:
2. Go out to eat pizza.
3. Having a get-together and reading the bible.
4. Get together with family at the holidays.

Planning Adventures
by Carl Caton
I talk to a lot of dads who lament that they have a hard time finding the time to do meaningful things with their son. In my experience, it's not so much finding the time but being a little more organized in making things happen. A better word for this is "intentional". Dads need to be more intentional about spending time with their son and making it more fun and adventurous. <more...>

Let's Talk About Our Traditions 
by Lee Wise
"I know, let's find a place where we can cut down our own Christmas tree." <more...>

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