30 Easy Family Traditions
By the Family Experts (of a Fourth Grade Class)

1.  One young lady mentioned that her father travels a great deal. But once a year, he takes her on a trip... just the two of them. I can imagine what a blast that must be! Here's more great ideas according to the experts:
2. Go out to eat pizza.
3. Having a get-together and reading the bible.
4. Get together with family at the holidays.
5. Watching the Sunday Night Movie together.
6. Go hunting and fishing.
7. Singing a song every day.
8. Read the Christmas story every year.
9. Go to a pet store just to look.
10. Sleep late on Saturday mornings.
11. Play outside.
12. We only watch TV on Fridays.
13. Play board games.
14. Go to the beach.
15. Go on picnics.
16. Play games inside on rainy days.
17. Sing Christmas carols at my Grandfather's house.
18. Wrap Christmas presents together.
19. Eat chips and dips.
20. Ride bikes on Saturdays.
21. Take a walk together.
22. Have a family devotion time.
23. Reading at night before bedtime.
24. Going to a theme park as a family.
25. Family game night on Friday nights.
26. Having a birthday party for Jesus at Christmas.
27. Looking at the stars at night.
28. Going camping, going camping, going camping!
29. Go hiking at a park.
30. Having fun. 

Comment:  Number 30 says it all! This is what your kids want to do. While they like being involved in 'organized activities' such as soccer, scouts, dance, piano, etc, there is no question that kids REALLY like to just have fun. I think that 'simple fun' is the best type of fun. 

To kids, simple fun means: 1) being with someone you love, 2) doing something that is interactive, and 3) being valued as an important part of the playtime.  Remember.... the simpler, the better!

Extra Resource:
One of the most exciting new ministries from Focus on the Family is the Heritage Builders. This national ministry works to create a family environment where spiritual growth can be presented in a format that is fun and exciting to kids. The activities presented in the Heritage Builders materials have been tried and tested by actual families and are certain to make a lasting impression.

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