The four elements of effective family traditions!
by Carl Caton

When you create your own family tradition, make sure you consider the following four ‘musts’:

First, communicate to the family that you plan to do this regularly, even to the point that you set specific dates. Every year at Spring Break, we go camping at a great nearby state park… we plan on it.  

Second, work diligently to create memories. It takes time to make memories, but kids don’t remember time… they remember memories.   

Third, as you make memories, remember to keep it simple. Simple is always best, especially as we live in a overly complex world.

Finally, create teachable moments. This is something you have to prepare for. When you get that brief Kodak moment, be prepared to share something special, intimate, and concise. Tell your kids that you love them and are proud of them every chance you get! Scientists report that your kids hear even when they are asleep. It is a subliminal hearing. Whisper in your kids ears every night!

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