family meal time


Alternative Dining
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

Our children are always ready for us to add some fun to normal, everyday events. When we do, most of us find that we were ready to be spiced up as well!

Routine is important for security and stability. But face it – sometimes it can just get downright boring. 

Here are some fun and fresh ideas to add a little pizzazz to your family’s mealtime.

*Have a picnic on the floor. Pull out a blanket, get out the paper plates and add the food!

*Eat out on your deck or back porch. Use either a picnic table, or set up a card table and enjoy the fresh air.

*Put a spin on eating outdoors by setting up a tent and lantern. Eat after it gets dark inside the tent. FUN!

*Have festive napkins, glasses or fancy straws.

*Allow your family to use chopsticks only instead of silverware.

*Make a rule that no utensils can be used at all! Only hands. Have finger foods, drink soup out of the bowl, etc.

*Have everyone grab a TV tray and pick out a family movie to watch while eating dinner.

*Switch places at the table. Everyone needs to sit somewhere other than their normal seat.

*Make normal foods fun. Add green food coloring to water, stick a Hershey’s kiss inside of spaghetti, etc.

·Serve dessert FIRST for a change!

~Dionna Sanchez serves up fresh ideas at Emphasis On Moms –

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family meal time


family meal time