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Overscheduled Kids
by Rae Pica
Like the childhood obesity problem, the subject of “superkids” gets plenty of press these days. Time devoted the better part of an issue to it. Newsweek featured an article titled “Busy Around the Clock.” Articles with titles like “Whatever Happened to Play?” “Pushing Children Too Hard,” and “Are You Over-Scheduling Your kids?” show up in print media and on the Internet. Books with titles like Hyper-Parenting: Are Your Hurting Your Child by Trying Too Hard? are appearing on bookshelves.  <more...>

Should Dads Tell their Kids the Truth?
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC  
Some day, you’ll be sitting with your child, listening to the radio or watching a program on TV. Somebody will be talking about premarital sex, illegal drug use, breaking the law, or some other highly charged issue. And then, your child will start to ask questions. What did you do when you were younger? How often?

Simple Ways To Share Christ With Children 
by Chanda Stegall
As Christian parents, one of the most important duties that we have is to teach our children about the Lord. This is an awesome responsibility. It can also seem like an overwhelming responsibility. But Praise God - our Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom has built four teachable moments into our day that can help us to share His word with our children in bite-sized, manageable chunks.

Juggling Your Family Time
by Carl Caton
I don't watch TV. And I love the time I have because of it. I have reclaimed those wasted hours of my life and invested them in my family. Instead of reruns, we play basketball. And we wrestle, play catch, dream up goofy skits, play cards, plan camping trips, make homemade movies... you get the idea.

How to Write a Family Mission Statement
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Setting goals can give our lives meaning. In fact, without a plan our lives seem to have no direction, and we often get frustrated. Imagine taking a trip without a road map. You would most likely get lost. Knowing where you are going and how to get there almost guarantees your success. <more..

Blast to the Past
by Dionna Sanchez
When we leave our children a heritage, a lot of that comes from our own childhood. Our memories, our experiences, our view of life. If we share that with our children it will not only help them understand who we are a little bit better, but it will give them roots to stand on. <more...>

A Plan for Purity <more...>

Parents, Listen Closely
by Mary Jesse
Parents, Listen Closely.  Ask most parents about the value of listening and you’ll likely get the same answer. Listening is good, of course. Yet, this powerful tool is routinely underutilized. How often do you sit down and really listen to your children?  <more...>

I Yelled at My Kids 
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC 
I really hadn't meant to yell. But the aftermath of it lay before me. My son was a whimpering mess on the floor, and my daughter sat frozen on the chair in front of me. 

Ten Reasons to Tell Your Kids Stories
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
In today’s busy world, many parents have lost the art of telling their stories to their kids. Here are some reasons why these stories are so beneficial:

The Anti-Soccer Mom
by Amy Doran
The other day Maggie, Ethan and I were playing together. Maggie is 15 months old now and Ethan is thirteen years old. Ethan is so good with the baby that it is easily assumed he will make a wonderful father, some day far, far away. 

Top Ten Ways to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids 
Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
Having a high level of emotional intelligence in your children is the best way to ensure that they live a happy, successful, and responsible life as an adult. Here are ten ways to help your kids attain a high degree of emotional intelligence: 

It Takes a Village
By Dionna Sanchez 
There is so much attention given to the influence and impact that parents have on their children. A little less attention is given to the influence of our child's friendships. But, how much attention or focus is given to the influence that OUR friendships can have on our children? 

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You 
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC 
Parents can often be frustrated by their kids’ unwillingness to share their lives with them. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, there will be times when it’s difficult to “break through” and find out what‘s really going on. Here are ten ideas on how to create opportunities for your kids to open up and share their lives with you. 

How Are You Raising Your Children Today?
By Dionna Sanchez
"American Idol"(R) is one of my favorite television shows. Maybe it's the dreamer in me who likes seeing someone's dreams come true. Maybe it's because I love music and like to sing to my favorite tunes. Or maybe it's just because I enjoy watching people. <more...>

How Well Do You Know Your Child?
by Marie Magdala Roker
Do you think you really know your child? I don't mean know what he/she likes and doesn't like, but to know him/her well enough to understand his/her challenges, to appreciate his/her strengths and weaknesses and to help him/her develop his talents. Knowing your child can help increase their chance for success in the future and improve your relationship. <more...>

Top Ten Reasons to Hold Family Meetings
by Dan and Suzanne Bond
1. Make stronger connections among individuals and, therefore, creates a closer family. 
In this very busy world, designating this time every week is one way to ensure that family members stay connected with one another. Relationships are living things, and must be nurtured. Family meetings are about nourishing our relationships with the most important people in our lives. Form the habit of connecting regularly. <more...>

Out Honor Your Teen
by Carwin Dove
Do you think it is your kid's job to "out honor" you? Do you think you do enough already with everything you've done and plan to do in the future? The answer is probably "yes" to both <more...>

Principles for Family Living 
by Lee Wise
Over the years we developed a set of personal guidelines concerning how we wanted to "do the family thing." 

Originally, there was nothing in print. That came later when we passed them on to our children. If we knew <more...>

Starting a Teen Book Study Group
by Rachel Paxton
If you're looking for a way to connect with your teenage daughter this summer, consider starting a girl's book study group with your daughter and her friends.  <more...>

The Reward For Sacrifice
by Dionna Sanchez 
We hear it all the time. Parents need time for themselves. "Remember to take care of yourself, too!" I even encourage moms to do that very thing. To find time to relax, pamper themselves and regroup a little so they aren't so burned out and stressed when they need to be calm, gentle and understanding with their children. But that thought can go too far. 

by Amy Doran
New Year's Day 2004 marked a new beginning for both myself and my family. We added a brand new little member, Maggie.  Margaret Kay Doran was a huge surprise for everyone. Her older sister is nine and her older brother is twelve. Big age difference!  <more...>

Raising Courageous Kids - An Author Interview
by Lisa M. Hendey
In the newly released book Raising Courageous Kids: Eight Steps to Practical Heroism (Sorin Books, July 2004, paperback, 224 pages), author Charles Smith offers parents a treasure chest of resources for recognizing and nurturing the qualities of courage and heroism within their children. Looking at developmental stages between birth  <more...>

Explaining War and Suffering to Children
by Johann Christoph Arnold
These days, the news is once again full of war and rumors of war. At times like this, even very young children may grow fearful. And since September 11, fears that war may again visit our own shores are no longer unfounded. <more...>

Are You a Mentor Mom?
by Colleen Langenfeld
Are you a Mentor Mom?  Do you have a Mentor Mom?

Mentor Moms...
- listen to you when you need to rant and rave.  <more...>

Adoption: Laughter and Tears
by Tanya Sturman
If you ever walk through an orphanage, it will be an experience you’ll never forget. Witnessing children in poverty, children discarded, children stunted both physically and emotionally, will stir your heart beyond belief. And adopting a child is a joy as great as witnessing the first sharp intake of breath by your very own newborn infant. <more...>

A Child Can Make a Difference
by Rachel Paxton
Sometimes dreams really can come true! May 8th - 11th, 2000, my daughter and I traveled to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, because of a dream my daughter, Amanda, has to <more...>

A Lesson in Family History
by Rachel Paxton
Several years ago I attended my grandfather's funeral. Living into his late eighties, my grandfather had lived a long, eventful life, first with my father's mother who died after more than <more...>

The Ten-Minute Moment
by Valerie Zilinsky
We'll be celebrating my daughter's fifth birthday, an important milestone, in just a few short weeks. But we experienced another major event in her life just three weeks ago. <more...>

Involuntary Responses
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
“Uh huh….” I heard the crunch of the cracker in my mother’s mouth as she read her mail and pretended to listen to me. I was twelve years old and in the middle of a confession that I felt the pull of the Other World in my midst. <more...>

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