Family Camping Scrapbook


Family Camping Scrapbook Layout
by Rachel Paxton

After a recent family camping trip to Mt. Rainier National
Forest, I wanted to come up with a scrapbooking layout that incorporated photos of the beautiful, 1,000-year-old trees we visited at the Grove of the Patriarchs.

I photographed several signs and displays that described the trees in the area, took lots of pictures of the trees, and took some family photos.

Later at home I decided to go with the tree theme and natural colors for my scrapbook layout.

I chose six photos to highlight, on two 12x12 pages (3 photos on each page).

1 12x12 sheet forest green cardstock
2 12x12 sheets tan cardstock
2 12x12 sheets brown cardstock
Paper cutter

I used contrasting colors on the two pages: one page tan, and one page brown. I cut a rectangular strip of the contrasting color to mount the photos on (brown strip on tan page and tan strip on brown page) (see photos). I then cut mats for the photos out of the same color as the background of the page, glued the photos on the mats, and glued the mats vertically on the strip. I next did the same for the other page. I glued one strip towards the right side of the background on one page and towards the left side of the second page (to created mirror-imaged pages).

Lastly I cut three pine trees for each page from the forest green cardstock with contrasting trunks (tan on brown background, brown on tan background). Don't worry about using patterns to cut out the pieces, I didn't even draw them first. I just cut out random pieces with my paper cutter. I positioned the trees vertically down the opposite sides of the pages from the photos.

I placed titles at the top of each page, printed on my computer and glued on contrasting cardstock.

Be creative, your layout will probably look a little different
than mine, with your own personal touch!

Photos of finished project:

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Family Camping Scrapbook


Family Camping Scrapbook