God Is In Control
by Phil Cramer
Miles to Go: The Journey of a Lifetime

There are times in our lives when the journey that we are on seems overwhelming and the path is simply too difficult to travel. Life sometimes seems to be so unfair. I see 
perfectly healthy people living out their lives of greed and 
selfishness, and then I see others who are absolutely 
wonderful people, struggling with the trials and hardships 
that are always associated with disease and illness.

I see cherubic children coping with leukemia; once strong 
and vibrant fathers and husbands diminished by heart disease; beautiful and vivacious women terrorized by breast cancer; young and old alike bound up in the terrible web of MS.

At these times, when my heart literally breaks for these 
cherished people, itís so tempting to rage at the Creator 
and crafter of our universe. WHY ME?!!!! What did I ever 
do to deserve this? What did any person with cancer, or CF, or MS do to deserve this?

This is the kind of week that I have had. My heart reminded me this week that it was not well. It made sure that I remembered, beyond any shadow of doubt, that it was not firing on all of itsí cylinders. And it hurt. Iíve spent much of this week in a vise that regularly crushed my chest and arms and neck. I spent much of this week questioning Godís wisdom and His care.

And then I woke up this morning. The air was crystal clear, the Canada Geese were flying overhead, the mountains around my home were crowned by the splendor of a rising sun, and the vise was gone.

As I watched the sun slowly ascend over the mountains, a 
wonderful calm and a peace came over me. The same God that charted the course of the sunrise over my beloved mountains, who put the stars in their place and knows the number of hairs on my head is still in control. He promised that He would never abandon me and He would never forget me. He said, in the book of Isaiah, ďSee, I will not forget you. I have carved you in the palm of my hand.Ē As long as we are in His care, there is no trial, no tribulation, no obstacle that we canít overcome. My heart disease has made me a stronger person inside, where it all really counts. It has made me a kinder, more loving person. It has allowed me to share the burden that others rejoice with weep with share the good times and the bad. 

More than anything, it has caused me to love my Creator more.

As strange as it may sound, I am better for having heart 

No matter what I may face in this life, I know that I can 
handle it, because God is walking with me, leading me by the hand, and He is in control.

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