Facebook Tips For Married Couples


Facebook Tips For Married Couples
by Wanda Collins

Why are Facebook tips for married couples necessary? Because believe it or not, more and more couples are separating and divorcing because of inappropriate relationships that began on Facebook.

You see, Facebook opens up a portal into the world in a way we've not experienced before. If you're searching for a long lost relative or your high school sweetheart, it's likely you'll find them on Facebook. If you're not searching for anyone on Facebook, don't worry, they'll find you. This can be problematic.

Mainly problematic for married couples if not handled properly.
Here are a few tips to help the two of you enjoy the benefits of Facebook without falling prey to the dangers.

1. Your spouse should be given the password and user name for your Facebook account. If this information is too confidential to share with your spouse, then frankly there's something wrong with that picture.

2. Your Facebook profile photo should be a picture of both you and your spouse.

3. Don't accept friend request from people of the opposite sex if you do not know them.

4. Don't accept friend request from ex-boyfriends, or ex-girlfriends.

5. Don't share information with others on Facebook that you would not also share with your spouse.

Taking daily steps to ensure that your relationship is happy and healthy is one of the biggest things you can do to reduce the chances of inappropriate behavior while social networking. Marriages where neither spouses' needs are being met are more susceptible to these risks.

In conclusion, Facebook is a wonderful socializing tool when used with care. Practicing these tips can help you and your spouse avoid the heartache and destruction that follows internet infidelity. So, what are your thoughts about Facebook and married couples? Join our discussion in the Christian Wives Internet Cafe'.

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Facebook Tips For Married Couples


Facebook Tips For Married Couples