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Speak To My Heart And I Will Listen
by Lee Wise
Retire Quickly
Creative Insights For Your Life
Lee Wise 2004 All rights reserved

"I would like to read an article that speaks to my heart,
makes me think, and challenges me." 

You are about to encounter such an article. 

This article, when completed, will speak directly to you,
challenge you to become all you can be for Christ, and make you think. 

I can almost hear you: "Yeah, right. I've heard stuff like
that before. Is this guy for real?"


The reason for making these bold statements is this: YOU are going to design the most important aspects of what is created. 

You read it right.  You are going to create your own article.

Again I hear you...

"I'm no writer. You have lost touch with the human race, my friend. Better think again on this one." 

No, I have not lost touch with reality. 

The only thing you have to do is this: read a few questions, decide which one you like, and answer it. 


Yes, that is all you have to do. 

Before you begin, however, let me explain why I decided to take the approach I have taken. 

I was in church and the pastor was kindly, yet skillfully,
prompting us to evaluate how we were structuring our lives in relationship to knowing and following God. 

While writing down my reflections about what was being said, I designed a question that -- for me at least -- captured the essence of what our pastor wanted us to evaluate. 

As soon as I read over the question, I realized this truth:
it doesn't take much to make an impact on our lives if what we read touches our hearts. 

The content is not what makes a difference. 
It is what causes us to respond that counts. 


In a minute or two you will read four questions I have
written either in church or in my journal. 

I am asking you to respond to at least one of the questions.

In so doing, you will be *writing your own article.* You
will be adding your own "heart dimension" to what I have
communicated with you. 


1. Set aside enough time to think about the questions.

2. Read over each of the questions. 

3. Choose one question you relate to. 

4. Write down a word, sentence, or thought in response to that one question. 

5. Develop additional ideas, insights, or action steps


Question Number One

"Am I ready to begin what I must begin in order to know Who I need to know?" 

In other words, am I ready to begin rearranging my habits
and practices around those things that will lead me -- 
consistently -- to the heart of God?

Question Number Two

"Whose soul will I touch this year?" 

I crafted this question using the word "soul" because it
speaks to me about the core of a person's being. You may relate to other concepts such as "heart" or "the inner man."

Question Number Three

"What would it take for me to experience God this year?" 

I passed that one on to a group of future pastoral interns
last week. I stated: "The real question, men, could
possibly lie beyond this class. The real question may be:
'What will it take for us to experience God this year?'" 

Question Number Four

"If my country was overrun, my freedoms lost and persecution began... what would I wish I had done, said or thought this past year -- or up to this point in time in my life?"


"I would like to read an article that speaks to my heart,
makes me think, and challenges me." 

You have read *part one* of such an article. 

In creating the most important part, remember...

1. Set aside some time
2. Read the questions carefully
3. Choose one to focus on
4. Write down a few initial ideas
5. Develop your thoughts later

Yours for many hope-filled days in Jesus,

(John 15:16) 

Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute
this article. The copyright and this resource box must be
included. mailto:Lee@motivation-for-daily-living.net

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