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Vitamins for the Soul
by Colleen Langenfeld

We are all into wellness these days. Personal fitness is 
all the rage.

Many resolutions start with 'lose ten pounds' or 'exercise 

Now, physical health is all fine and dandy.

But what about our emotional and intellectual health?

Maybe it could go something like this...

Daily Vitamins for the Soul

- Vitamin A equals Attitude
A daily dose of realistic optimism combined with gratitude 
can really turn our thinking around. Remember that our 
thoughts determine our direction.

- Vitamin E equals Excellence
Whether it is changing dirty diapers, signing contracts, 
managing employees or waiting tables, excellence is the 
key to getting the most out of life. Why? Because we get 
out just what we put in.

- Vitamin C equals Courage
To be emotionally fit, we need courage. It takes courage 
to try new things, to shoot for more today than yesterday. Sometimes, it takes courage just to stay in the game.

- Vitamin D equals Determination
Ever watch a car that's run out of gas? All the parts are 
there and are working fine, but the car is going nowhere. 
That's what happens to us when we run out of determination.  We all need drive and ambition to work towards our dreams.  Determination is the fuel to get us there.

- Vitamin B-Complex equals Beauty
Ever worked on a project so long and so hard that you lost your motivation? Our daily routines can be like that; 
tedious and un-inspiring. What our souls crave at times 
like that is beauty. A colorful mural, inspiring music or 
a favorite quote can energize us again. Beauty can also 
come in the form of a newly organized office or a friendly 
face just when we need it.

So how do we get these vitamins? As with our physical 
bodies, we must make a conscious effort to 'ingest' the 
emotional nutrients we need. Moreover, just like 
exercising a muscle, as we practice more courage or 
choose determination, our efforts can make us sore or 
cause us pain! However, the more we use these 'vitamins', the more proficient we become at using them and the more they sink into our very soul.

Now that's wellness truly from the inside out.


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emotional health

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emotional health