delegating household work


by Bria Simpson
Bria Coaching Company

If we want balance and fulfillment, we need to have time to do activities other than care taking, carpooling, grocery shopping and cleaning. As our families grow, we begin to feel like there is no other time. And there isn't, unless you delegate. Ask for help from your spouse; demand it from your children. Your children learn responsibility and independence and you free up some crucial time and energy for yourself. 

How to get the family involved? Here are some tips: 

Give each child at least 2-3 chores to do daily. Young children can help set the table, pick up toys and dress themselves. Middle age children can do tasks such as carry out the trash, feed animals, set and clear the table, help with cooking and make their beds. Older kids can take over full duties such as planning and cooking a meal, cleaning the kitchen after dinner and laundry. 

Give an allowance as a reward for some chores. I recommend that some chores be done just because they, like you, are part of the family, and some chores be rewarded. I like to have my children save half of their allowance and spend half of their allowance. On birthdays and Christmas/Hannukah, they donate it all to charities of their choice. You can also link privileges, such as video game time, to completion of chores. 

Ask your spouse to help by suggesting tasks that would help you. If he thinks your life is easy and you don't need help, ask for one day off on the weekends and let him do all the parenting, cooking, cleaning and shopping. He just might change his mind! 

Hire help. Moms are often reluctant to do this, but help with the stuff you really dislike, such as cleaning and laundry, can make a world of difference. Consider hiring a teenage mother's helper to help watch the children while you cook or clean. Be creative! 

Remember, it's hard to have a happy family without a happy mom. Delegate and free up some time for yourself. Good luck! 

Bria Simpson, MA 
Life Coach and Parenting Specialist 

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delegating household work

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delegating household work