definition of simple living


Simple Living Means... 
by Catherine Pulsifer 

Simple Living means different things to different people. Here is our definition of simple living: 

Stress free 
Make Your Own 

Live Life To Its Fullest 
Nothing complicated 

Stress free - life is no longer complicated, the only stress we have is the stress we create ourselves

Initiative - we take the initiative to find simpler ways to do things and find the less expensive way
Make Your Own - from Christmas gifts to gadgets for the house, we make as much as we can

Play - taking time to play when we want to
Learn - learning new ways to do things, learning new skills

Efficient - being efficient in all we do 

Live Life To Its Fullest - taking time to enjoy the simple things in life |

Invent - easier ways to get things done 

Vigor - adding a daily exercise routine to help eliminate stress and stay healthier 

Innovate - we find simpler ways to accomplish the same thing 

Nothing complicated - we look for the easy solution to complicated tasks 

Gardening - we grow as much as we can resulting in improved quality and taste without pesticides 

About the Author: 
Catherine Pulsifer is one of the authors of Stress Less Country - a simplified lifestyle! A journey to a simplified lifestyle - visit the site for a collection of articles, thoughts, quotes, and stories on: simplicity, stress, gardening, recycle & reuse, country crafts, saving money tips, and Atlantic Canada.

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definition of simple living


definition of simple living