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Sundays:  Getting it Together for Church
by Susan Perovich
Christian Women Connected

As I awake every Sunday morning I look forward to spending time in Church with my family. Getting them there in one piece and in a worshipping mood can be a task. 

It never seems to fail one or more child will not cooperate. I honestly do have the time frame to get everyone together in my head. My goal is to be out of here and loaded in the van by 10 a.m. to make it on time. I mean, sometimes we are early!! I like that idea!

Sunday mornings are a time of struggle, everyone wants to go to Church, but there seems to always be some kind of a conflict.  Lost shoes, a grumpy kid, getting up late, Mom had a head ache........ the battery in the van died, due to the interior lights being left on. I am sure the list can be endless!

Some will say God would rather have them late than not be at church at all. I'm sure that this is true, but even the most understanding of husbands will soon start to pitch in and help on a Sunday morning! Sometimes I have to ask my husband to help me and usually he will without complaining.

Children sense our priorities not only by what we say, but especially by what we do. Although this responsibility seems to falls mainly on the shoulders of Mom, We can be a role model and "Christian Educator" to our children. We can make the effort of pulling together as a mom and dad team and showing our children how harmony, rather then disarray, certainly can get us to church happier and in a worshipping mood.

It is no small task to get families ready for church and there on time on Sunday mornings, and still maintain a "worshiping atmosphere".   As a mom, this responsibility is usually exclusively mine on Sunday mornings, but even with help, it can be a hectic task, especially if you have very young children or a nursing infant. Here are some ways to move those lively "spirits" out on time on Sunday AND still arrive with the spirit of worship in church. 

1. Plan the night before. Get the children's clothes pressed and ready. Pack up their bags with church school assignments and projects, offerings, Divine Liturgy books and for the very young, small snacks, crayons and picture books. Remember to pack up the diaper bag too.

2. Spend a prayerful, quiet evening and do not stay up to late. Remember to read the Gospel reading for Sunday and have children remember to listen for key words. Go to bed early and rise early.

3. Keep breakfast for the children simple. Clean up can be dishes in the sink until you return, if time is short.

4. Have children read or play quiet games instead of turning on the television on Sunday morning. You may wish to put on bible story videos. 

5. Be sure to build in extra time, especially if you have a distance to travel. I knew of someone who had to travel 50 minutes, but still manages to make it on time with her two young children. It can be done. we can make it a priority in our lives .

6. When we get to church we have a habit of sitting in the same spot each time, so our little ones are not confused and they know right where to sit when they get there.  This saves on confusing and disruption. This help a lot if we are late.

7. Be mindful of Christ and His Church throughout the week by daily prayers at mealtimes and bed-times, reading the bible stories along with their other favorite stories and participating in good works. In this way, getting ready for church and arriving on time is a natural extension to their everyday life. Your own spiritual strength is important in making the church a priority in your own life as well as your children's. Remember, you are the most significant role model for your child in their spiritual development in the church.

So we all have those Sunday mornings that make delays unavoidable, and we will arrive at church later than we would like. Do not let these days discourage you, for you will be welcomed with open and loving arms. However, we can continue to make the extra effort the following weeks to show commitment and respect for God and His Church. 

Make Saturday nights family nights and try to spend time with God and get extra rest.  We must teach our children that the gathering of our church family to worship God is more important than our social and secular demands of this world. If a sport or other Saturday night event is getting in the way of church attendance we must think about what it is teaching our children about the importance of church attendance. Most importantly, take care of yourself spiritually, spend time in your own quiet, reflective prayer at home. 

Susan Perovich is a stay at home Mom of six children. She also the author of Christian Women Connected,a website dedicatedt o Christian women of all faiths.

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church on time


church on time