Christmas Traditions


Christmas Traditions
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

It’s almost everyone’s favorite Holiday. We relish our childhood memories of presents, lights and traditions. For each family, Christmas time can have a different meaning and different memories. It’s up to us as parents to instill that meaning into Christmas for our children. It’s also up to us to add the fun.

A few Christmas ideas could add just the spice you’re looking for; to establish a tradition that will be passed down for several generations to come. 

Things like blaring Christmas music loudly can be a signal in the morning of when the kids can jump out of bed and dig into their stockings. 

You can halt hurried hands by reading the Christmas story out of the Bible. It will remind everyone what the true meaning of Christmas really is. 

Have the same snack each year as you trim the tree – or – the same breakfast Christmas morning.

Open one present on Christmas Eve, buy an ornament and exchange them each year within your family. 

Tape the Christmas happenings and watch in on Christmas Eve the following year. 

Have Christmas Goodies always be a surprise, or enjoy the same favorite sweets saved only for the Holidays.

Ideas are endless. You can make Christmas uniquely and specially yours. Think back to what you enjoyed as a child. Add or change those visions to fit your families’ lifestyle and watch your childrens’ eyes sparkle!

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Christmas Traditions

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Christmas Traditions