A Meaningful Christmas
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

Christmas seems to be everyone's favorite Holiday. Yet, these days, it seems to lose some of its genuine roots of sharing, giving, loving and laughing. If you are one of the many families who are striving to put some meaning back into your Christmas celebrations - here are a few ideas for you.

*Put a halt to the rush of unwrapping gifts by taking the time to read the Christmas story in the Bible first. This will slow everyone down and remind your family of what Christmas is really all about.

*Participate in a giving tree. Take your children or grandchildren to a giving tree and let them select a tag from a child who has Christmas wishes that need to be met. Have your children select the gift to buy and let them wrap it and return it to the giving tree. This will instill thankfulness and a giving heart in your children.

*Make plans to create crafts and give them to neighbors, friends, teachers and delivery people. You can make Christmas goodies, simple ornaments or festive cards to share the spirit of Christmas with others.

*Have a gift basket by your front door with little presents for visitors. This is another great way to emphasize "giving" and not "receiving".

*Have a Christmas open house on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Some people don't have family nearby and Christmas can be a lonely time. All they need is to know someone cares enough to maybe share their home for a few hours with them.

These are all great ideas and examples of giving and sharing. Showing your children that Christmas time is a time meant to be all about people and not about material gifts.

As these traditions are established, the material gifts that do come during the season will be more treasured and appreciated. The gifts will be filled so much more with love. Isn't that what Christmas is truly about?

~Dionna Sanchez is the busy mom of three. She is Editor of Emphasis On Moms, a newsletter focused on bringing meaning back to your mothering. Visit the website

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