Christmas Check List


Breaking Up Your Holiday To Do List 
by Alyice Edrich
The Dabbling Mum
Copyright, 2004 

Learning to share the load can help you enjoy a stress-free holiday at home and work. 

Where does the time go? It seems the older I get the faster time slips away. With Christmas fast approaching, itís hard to concentrate on work, business, or the mundane tasks of cleaning house. If youíre like me, you want to get out and enjoy all the wonderful festivities taking place around this time of year: musicals, plays, caroling, decorating, shopping, evangelizing, and fundraising. 

But as much as weíd like to play hookie the entire month of December, we have businesses to run and in running them we must reprioritize our schedules. Instead of getting burnt out because you have too much on your to do list, why donít you start delegating and deleting? 
Take the time, right now, to jot down everything you need to get done during the month of December. Break your list down into three groups: personal, business, and holiday. 

Once you have your list written out, break it down even further by determining which tasks you can delegate, which tasks you must do yourself, and which tasks can be deleted or moved to the following month. 

Once your have your list broken down into the delegation categories, decide how you can delegate those tasks. If itís a business related task, hire a holiday helperóthere are lots of work at home parents looking to make a few extra bucks for the holidays. Heck, you could even find a few college or high school students to fit the bill. 

If itís a holiday related task, itís time to enlist the aide of your family and friends. Are you holding a social gathering? Donít cook the entire meal yourself, ask each guest to bring a specified gift or hire a caterer. Do you need help putting up the Christmas decorations? Even the smallest of hands can help you get done faster. Donít worry about perfection, just have fun and let the holiday spirit take charge. 

If itís a personal task, consider hiring a personal assistant for the holidays or take one day off and map out a plan to get as much done in that one day as possible. 

The important thing to remember is that the Christmas holiday isnít about rushing around with your head cut off, hoping to make everyone happy while putting yourself in a mental ward. Itís about celebrating the birth of Christ, remembering that it is by His birth that you are saved and may enter the kingdom of heaven. And, itís a time to stop the madness of life and truly enjoy and appreciate the company of good friends and family. And if you have a loved one that has passed on, itís a wonderful time to honor them by donating something new to a child or adult who has to go without this holiday season. 

Alyice Edrich is the editor of The Dabbling Mum.comĖwhere BUSY parents find balance ( She is also the author of several work-from-home e-books, including one that allows parents to earn $50 in two hours without joining an MLM or home party business.

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Christmas Check List


Christmas Check List