Christian teen and accountability partner


Live Loud for Christ: 
The Importance of an Accountability Partner

By Brooke Caton
Writing from a Christian teen’s perspective

We all have friendships in life. Some funny, some sad, some long, some short. But there are those certain friends who leave a lasting footprint in our heart. As human beings, we all need someone we can depend on. The person you can go to at four o’clock in the morning, the person you can laugh at nothing with, the person who will always be there for you. I have that person, but we were not always as close as we are now. How did we become so close? Easy- God. We decided about three years ago that we would be accountability partners. We stayed up until one o’clock in the morning discussing how we should dress, what we should watch on television, the things we needed to work on to become more Christ-like, and other things to keep each other accountable for. Even at such a young age, God was completely in the midst of us that night.

An accountability partner is someone who will tell you the truth when you do not want to hear it. It goes beyond just being friends. Frequently, you will not like this person because they have to tell you things that no one else would. You have to relentlessly pray for your accountability partner. Without God, this relationship will not last, but when you have God in your relationship, he gives you a love for each other that can make it through anything.

I have shed so many tears on my accountability partner’s shoulder. She is always eager to listen and help me with all of my problems. It does not matter time nor place, she is always there for me. I can tell that God gives us things to say to each other because we would of never thought of them on our own. He speaks through us to each other in an amazing way. 

A couple of summers ago, my partner and I were at church camp. She was always hanging out with a boy that I did not trust. I gathered up all of the courage I could muster and asked her to stop hanging out with him because I did not trust him. She was mad and assumed I was jealous of her. She did not like me at that point, but it did not matter because our love went beyond like and dislike. Looking back, she now thanks me for telling her and regrets being mad at me. 

I urge you to ask God for an accountability partner. You can share what God has shown you, you can build each other up in your faith, and you can keep each other standing strong. If you do not have many Christian friends, I recommend finding some. God has placed humans together to build each other up and bring us closer to him. If you already have someone I am talking about, congratulations! Continue to grow closer together and closer to God. Find some ministries or outreaches you can do together. Stand strong. Stay firm. Trust in God. Live loud together!

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
Proverbs 27:17

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Christian teen and accountability partner


Christian teen and accountability partner