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It's Time: 
Making The Most Of Your Own Special Moments

by Lee Wise
A Beautiful Moment In Time
Lee Wise All rights reserved

True confession: I don't take the time I should to reflect.
I feel I should, but somehow I just don't quite get around
to making it happen. At least not enough. 

Maybe the ideas below will help *both* of us take an extra moment or two for this discipline. Mental jump-starts so-to-speak :) 


About what is most important to you in life.

On what the phrase "being a person of excellence" means to you.

On your roles in life and the possibilities each one holds
for you in terms of your own personal growth and

About the lessons life has taught you so far. Could you
record those in a creative way that is meaningful to you -- a poem, an extended journal, writing, painting, creating a memory book, composing a song, etc? 

On the reflections you have recorded in the past and what those thoughts could -- or should -- mean for you today. 

About how you will schedule times of reflection for next

The meaning of a special season. 

The events of this past year and how they could shape your thinking and acting about next year.

And so on: you complete the list. 


Knowing when and what to stop is essential if we are to live a life of excellence. 

For instance, it may good for me to...

Stop long enough to make reflection meaningful.

Stop selected activities if I am going to spend time 
with my family or those I love.

Stop and take the needed rest before I am *forced* to 
slow down because I am too worn out to do anything else.

Stop one activity and replace it with another one that
will allow me to make a simple step toward accomplishing
the very special dream I've had for years. 

Stop and say "I love you," "I'm here to help," or 
"Thank you." 

Sometimes we need to stop long enough to truly "see" what is taking place in our lives and make changes. 

I know. I've been there. Years ago a friend of mine 
brought me into his office, looked me directly in the eyes, 
and confronted me. It was rough -- but needed. I'm a 
better person today because I had to face some hard facts about myself. 

If I'm hurting others by my words or actions, then it's 
time to stop. 

If I'm engaged in some sort of self destructive 
behavior, then I need to stop long enough to get help.

Maybe it's time for the bitterness, selfishness, lying,
stealing or anger to stop. I'm especially sensitive to
the latter -- anger. One of the most horrifying events
I witnessed this past year was the result of a husband's
uncontrolled anger directed toward his wife and family.


The simple things. The little things. One of my daughters
wrote a note to me a while ago, and in the note she reminded me to "take time to enjoy the simple things, dad." 

A good reminder. It was a good reminder for me at the time.  It is still a good reminder for me. 

In addition, you may want to take time to enjoy... 

The fun things. Things that you make you laugh or 
smile. The laughter of others. 

The kindness you have been shown by a person who is 
close -- or not so close -- to you. 

The fact that someone is praying for you and how
meaningful those prayers are to you. 

Children and their joy of discovery.

Colors, the changing of the seasons, landscapes, nature, 
a book, the "feel good" movie you have wanted to see, 
the walk you haven't taken for a while, a meal you 
would normally rush through, the musical that always 
lifts your spirits (Beauty and the Beast or My Fair Lady 
anyone?), or the workout you have missed. 


To reflect.
To stop.
To enjoy. 

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time,


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christian reflection

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