The Organizing Secrets of Noah


The Organizing Secrets of Noah. 
by Nita Jackson

The Organizing Secrets of Noah. 

All around Noah was chaos and violence. God decided to wipe out the whole mess and start over with just Noah and his family. The following are five principles that helped Noah with such a large task. 

1-Have Divine Inspiration. If you're getting the divine inspiration that life needing a giant do over- pay attention! For Noah to be a sensitive listener during a time of great change was very important. His life and the life of his family depended on it. It wasn't a time to ignore an instruction of urgency. You may have no experience in shaping up your own ship but someone older or more mature may have traveled this way before. Their wisdom is a good guide or " rudder " if you will. This bigger than life job needed more than just the ideas of one good man. 

2-Have Specific Instructions. The Ark was no ordinary chore and definitely no plain Sunday fishing boat. Noah couldn't fudge or cut corners or the whole plan would flop. Following instructions was very important and arguing would have been pointless. Besides, Noah was familiar with the Instruction Giver. Trust had already been established. The framework came from the best of minds and was worth putting heart and soul into. Often it is said that the devil is in the details but I say destiny is in the details. Get a plan and work the plan!

3-Recruit Help. In the day when there were no modern power tools, teamwork meant everything. Honestly, it still is. As with any long-term project, having everyone on board is critical. Noah already had the plan -he wasn't making it up as he went. People needed to know their duties from the beginning. A united front would be powerful and much needed. Noah was no slave master but cared about his family's destiny. This was his motivation. It was important for success. 

4-Ignore Your Detractors. The voice of a strong detractor can be powerful but the voice of destiny is even more powerful. Don't give ear to naysayers who don't know your mission and are not willing to hear or help. Impossible you say? Whose voice will you acknowledge and obey? 

5-Have an Expected End. When Noah's mission came into being, he knew there would be rocky times. The disbelief of this fellow man, the great and terrible flood, the cries for help and the awesome testing of his work. But in all this, without ever having seen rain in his entire life, he was determined to follow through. It began with supernatural guidance and it would end the same way. 

Nita Jackson
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