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Go Ahead... Journal! Taking Time To Record My Soul's Journey With God
by Lee Wise
Retire Quickly
© Lee Wise 2003 All rights reserved 

The beauty of a journal is what you create in its pages.

A journal is "you" recorded...

In your own unique way,
For your own reasons, 
And at your own pace. 

It can also be a place where, over time, you are able to reflect on your own "soul journey" with God. 


Because your prayers, ideas, struggles, joys, victories, insights on life, heartaches, meaningful quotes, and whatever else may be significant to you are before your eyes --- like a book. 

Your book. A book of your life and how you process that life with your God.


A reflective prayer which I journaled during an especially 
meaningful Good Friday service went something like this:

"Oh, Lord, help me to retain the image of the cross here in 
church this evening. The cross. The wine. There's something about being at the foot of the cross, Lord. 

It is totally humbling - mixed with a deep sense of gratitude. 

Let me 'see,' Lord. Not too much, but enough to inspire. 
Yes, even demand, a recommitment of my total person to You - no matter what. 

In Jesus' name: *only,* in His name. Amen." 

Don't look for good grammar in that prayer. You won't find it.I was not writing for publication, I was recording my heart's reactions to the "majesty" and agony of the cross and what it means for Lee Wise. 

And that's the point: the service tugged at my heart then and it does so now *because it is in my journal.*

I also enjoy placing in my journal inspiring thoughts from other people. 

Take my students, for instance. Each year I have them create their own mission statements. 

I have a question for you: how could you read the statements below and not be challenged to make your life count for Christ?

"My life purpose is to love Christ, grow in Christ, share Christ, serve Christ through His church, and to lead my family and others to do the same." 

"My life aim is to lead people to know God intimately and to 
serve him passionately." 

"To train and equip passionate students and adults to be 
servant leaders who will mobilize the global church for the 
mission of God." 

Two more short examples. A journal can be used to summarize the thoughts or feelings we may have at any given moment.

By way of example, I enjoy writing quotes. These reflections about the nature of personal devotions became a part of my journal this year: 

Personal Devotions
©Lee Wise 2003
A time of sharing my heart with the heart of my closest Friend, Lord and lover of my soul.

Personal Devotions
©Lee Wise 2003
An intimate meeting between close friends. 
A meeting characterized by truth, love, transparency 
and mutual commitment to one another. 


If you were to make two significant entries in your journal today, what would they be?

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

Suppose someone asked you this: "What are the three most important lessons you have learned about walking with God?," what would you share?

1. ____________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________

If you were to write out a prayer today, what would you say? Jot down how you might begin below:




You have before you three possible entries for a journal.

And remember, a journal is "you" recorded...

In your own unique way,
For your own reasons, 
And at your own pace. 

Yours for many hope-filled days in Jesus,

(John 15:16) 

Lee is a seminary administrator, has a part-time business 
at home, and writes two motivational ezines: "A Beautiful
Moment In Time" and "Hope For Daily Living." 
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