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How to make this your Christian Home Page.

In more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, begin by going to the webpage you would like to be your home page.  Then in the toolbar click "Tools", then "Internet Options".  Under the General tab, select "Use Current".

Why make this your Christian Home Page?

Hi, I'm Carl Caton.  Our family publishes a group of Christian websites including  In my day-to-day use of the internet, I've been frustrated with what to use as my home page on Microsoft Internet Explorer.  For a while, I used a Yahoo! page.  But I became impatient waiting for banner adds to load.  Other sites use those awful pop-up ads.  Many sites published articles and images that I didn't want my 10-year old to see.  Worst of all are sites that track your internet usage through the use of cookies.

Being that I publish websites, I decided to create my own home page.  After using it for a while, I thought, "why not create a home page for Christians"?  This would be a simple, fast-loading page that would have many of the links we commonly use.  I would also sprinkle in some well respected Christian sites.  I researched the 500 top websites as published by Alexa (tm).  I selected some of the most commonly used sites.  After about a dozen revisions, I decided it was ready to go!  I hope the page will serve your needs.  May God bless you and your family!

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Christian Home Page


Christian Home Page