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Home is Sanctuary!
by Colleen Langenfeld

Is your home a sanctuary? A genuine port-in-the-storm kind of place?

Or does your home drain rather than re-charge 

Make your home the inviting oasis you want it 
to be. Just remember these few easy steps:

- Orderliness.
Things don't need to be perfect, but they do need to be fairly orderly. Chaos does not promote peace!

- Beauty.
Now, I'm not talking about HOUSE BEAUTIFUL here, 
although that's great if that's the way you like it. There's a reason home decor is so popular; we feel and perform better when we feather our nests! Beauty and comfort are the keys, so pay particular attention to color and clutter.

- Organization.
You need to be able to find what you're looking for when you need it. Enough said.

- Inviting.
Hospitality is simply the art of making others feel at home. Comfortable furnishings, soothing sights, sounds and scents go a long way towards cultivating a relaxing atmosphere in your own little corner of the world.

- Relationships.
Let's get real: when people are constantly bickering, there is no peace and no sanctuary. Adults and children need a safe space where they can be accepted, appreciated, and encouraged to grow.

Use this short list to test your household's appeal. 
Discover the power of intentionally and creatively 
designing a home life that can empower the members of 
your family to give of their best each day and enjoy the rewards of rejuvenating together each evening.


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