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Blast to the Past
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

When we leave our children a heritage, a lot of that comes from our own childhood. Our memories, our experiences, our view of life. If we share that with our children it will not only help them understand who we are a little bit better, but it will give them roots to stand on. It will provide a background of where they came from, who and why they are the way they are, and who their relatives were.

So, how can you do this? You can take your children to places of meaning for you. Take them to where you were born in the hospital, your childhood home, school, church, and hangouts. If you live in the same area still, your children may not realize that those buildings hold such special memories for you. Share with them and talk to them about how the area used to look and feel. If you donít live in the same area where you grew up, make a vacation out of the experience. Take photographs (or if you are really unable to visit where you grew up Ė find someone to send you some photographs or newspaper clippings.)

You might find that your children enjoy learning and seeing what makes you tick. You will grow very nostalgic with the experience yourself and be glad you revisited your past.

Even if you didnít have the happiest of childhoods, it is still important to recognize what influenced your life and share both the good and the bad with your children.

Our children will be stronger, more secure, and more bonded to us by learning from the past. Donít put it off.

~Dionna Sanchez fondly recalls how her parents shared their childhoods with her. She has created Emphasis On Moms to encourage all moms in their quest to bond with their families. Visit at

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christian heritage

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christian heritage