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It Takes a Village
By Dionna Sanchez 

There is so much attention given to the influence and impact that parents have on their children. A little less attention is given to the influence of our child's friendships. But, how much attention or focus is given to the influence that OUR friendships can have on our children? 

You don't need to be a single mom to desire trustworthy adults who can be positive role models in your children's lives. Our children need as many reinforcements in their lives as possible! 

If you see friendships developing between your friends and your children; cultivate that. Allow your friends to personally invest in your kids' lives and to be trusted confidants, if need be. 

We all want our children to be able to come to us and talk to us about anything. But if they really don't want to or don't feel comfortable to come to us about something - wouldn't we rather they confide in a dear friend who can give them wise advice, than a peer of their own? 

Surround your children with good examples of honest, Godly, integrity-filled adults. Rely on your friends to be supportive of your role as the parent and to back you up when your child needs to hear advice from a different angle or perspective. 

It's important and vital to understand you won't be the only influence on your child's life. So make solid friendships with reputable men and women - because they will be helping you raise your children. 

~ Dionna Sanchez is blessed to have good friends who care about her children. You can get more warm, honest advice to help you as a parent at

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influence of Christian friendship on our children


influence of Christian friendship on our children