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Chore Chart Success
by Kay Green
Copyright 2002

We started the Dime-a-chore system as taught by our pastor many years ago. I had tried several other systems over the years and none has worked as well as this one. I hope it works well for you too. 

Each child has a chart with 6-12 chores/activities I want them to do every day. It might include hygiene, music, pets, and homework, whatever I am trying to get them to accomplish each day. Each child vacuums one room in the house every day and has one kitchen chore each day. I pay 10 cents for each chore. 

Each child does 2 large chores a week. We call them Friday chores. One is their room complete (sheets, laundry away, toys, vacuum, etc) and the second is another room in the house (their bathroom mopped & scrubbed, or kitchen scrubbed & mopped) I pay $1 each for these weekly chores. 

Now I am hearing you say "That is a lot of money!" Well think of all the times you give them $1 here and $5 there to go somewhere (McDonald’s, the ice cream truck, etc). Now I don't! They use their money for tithe first, then outings, music, friend’s birthday gifts, and other wants. I still pay for needs, and they pay for wants! 

It gives me the perfect opportunity to teach them about budgeting and I get less hassle about chores. They even have an "extra" category for anything else I ask them to do or when they have to do a siblings chore! I do not hear anymore “That is not my job”.

We use the Wipe Off Chore Charts at Use a Sharpy permanent marker to write in the chores (fingernail polish remover will take it off when you want to change chores) Then use a dry erase marker for the charting! I pay every week or every 2 weeks when daddy gets paid. 

Then I help them figure out their tithe, put money in savings and budget for the next 2 weeks. After years with this system I have teenagers who can budget and plan wisely. I also have kids who know how to clean and how to do laundry. I want them to be self-sufficient when they leave my home. They all cook regularly too. I hope these tips will help your family as much as they have helped mine. Blessings to you and your family. 

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chore chart -chore charts for kids