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How Tall is God? - A Children's Book Spotlight
by Lisa M. Hendey

How Tall Is God?, by author and illustrator Phillip W. Rodgers, is a 36 page, high quality hardcover book intended for children ages four to eight years of age. 
Written in fun, rhyming fashion, the books opening pages find young Bailey the bear cub shaking with fright. After his father tucks him in, Bailey begins to question his father "How tall is God?" Father bear lovingly reassures his son that God is big enough to keep Bailey safe no matter what may happen, but also a caring and loving God. With these reassuring images of God's strength and compassion, Bailey is able to confront his fears and rest easy.
Your child will enjoy the fun metaphors and illustrations that fill the pages of this book, while receiving a message to help them confront and deal with their own fears and anxieties. Young readers will enjoy the easy, rhyming method used and this will also become a "read aloud" favorite for your family.

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childrens book

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childrens book