teaching children about manners


Good Manners
By Dionna Sanchez

Good manners. How often are they discussed in your home? How often are they reinforced?  It becomes very clear to me when I am in someone else's home, what
manners I've neglected to enforce in my children. But on the other hand, it's so nice to receive praise on behalf of my children when their good manners and efforts are noticed!

I also understand that my children follow my example. I can say, "chew with your mouth closed," but they will be the first ones to catch me if I don't follow suit! And good manners encompass more than just sitting up straight, saying please and thank-you, or not burping at the table.
Good manners include being consistent in who you are, being honest, having class and good etiquette and being timely to appointments, games or get-togethers.
Have you noticed some of these efforts being lost? I sure have. It seems like nobody is on time anymore. And how many boys or gentlemen open doors for others?  Manners are more than boring chores to follow each day. They say a lot about a person's character. Are they considerate or self-absorbed?

Consider how the manners are in your family unit. Strive to be a positive example and influence while stressing to your children the value good manners hold. Everyone will enjoy the benefits of helpful, kind, polite and considerate people. Especially your child.

~ Dionna Sanchez arms moms with ideas for their family unit at http://www.EmphasisOnMoms.com/

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teaching children about manners 

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teaching children about manners - table manners, good manners