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Commitment Rings
by Dionna Sanchez
Have you heard of commitment rings? They are rings that teens wear to symbolize their pledge to remain pure and abstain from sex until marriage. There are also necklaces available that some teens choose to wear. Isn't this a marvelous, positive movement? <more...>

Successful Summer Tips for Your Teen
by Colleen Langenfeld
Looking for something productive for your teens to do this summer? Consider the following ideas <more...>

Proverbs for Parenting
by Patricia R. Chadwick
Life is busy. We live in an extremely fast-paced society that constantly screams at us to hurry along to go on to the next thing that needs to be done. We don't take a lot of time to reflect on our own lives, let alone have time to think about the situation of others.  <more...>

Dealing With Time From A Different Perspective
by Susie Glennan
I was going over our schedule with my two younger children, when "it" started! I had a light bulb moment and oh what a moment. Let me show you the discussion…

Teaching Character
by Kay Green
What is character? How do we give it to our kids? How do we walk in it? Is it really so important? What does godly character look like? Do you find yourself asking these questions? I do! 

I want to raise my children in a godly manner. How do I judge that? Scripture is the most accurate. It gives us the picture of what godly men and women of character do. <more...>

A Life-Changing Ministry Opportunity
By Mrs. Crystal Paine
The dishes are piled up in the sink. The laundry is overflowing the hamper. The one-year-old needs his diaper changed. The four-year-old needs a bandage. Someone is hollering “Mooommmmyyyy,” from the other room. It’s almost dinner time, but Mom hasn’t even thought about what to fix….  <more...>

Six Steps to Raising Financially Responsible Teens
by Mrs. Crystal Paine
In today’s money-driven society, teens are constantly bombarded by magazines, television ads, and peer pressure which make them feel less than ideal if they do not wear the latest clothing style and drive a “cool” car. Briefly visit your local mall and you will observe multitudes of young people who shop as if credit cards <more...>

Teens Gain Valuable Experience By Job Shadowing
by Silvana Clark
Ask most teens what they want to be when they grow up and you'll get either a blank stare or the reply *a doctor like the ones on SCRUBS*. Teens today gain their awareness of various professions from the glorified images on television and movies. At the moment, there is a rise in interest in forensics due to the popularity of several shows depicting that career. Teens have little sense about the true reality of job choices. Do you like 
computers? Great! You'll be the next Bill Gates. <more...>

14 Year Old Author Encourages Volunteer Work
by Silvana Clark
With summer approaching, parents look for activities to fill their children's free time. This summer, take the advice of 14 year old Sondra Clark and encourage children to spend their time helping a worthy cause. <more...>

How to Create Future Decision-Makers
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Raising children is an art form. Some might dispute that fact and say it is a science. Whether it is a science or an art form, one thing is certain: bringing up children in this day and age is not easy. <more...>

Prom Night Choices
by Patricia R. Chadwick
The spring is the time of year that your teen will be thinking of formal dances, graduations, graduation parties, and, if they are a senior, the most exciting event of all: the prom. While it is a special time for your teenager, it is also a time filled with high expectations and much peer pressure. It is a time that will test the moral fiber of your teen and give them the opportunity to make their own decisions, hopefully making wise choices along the way. <more...>

Teaching Your Child To Save
by Dionna Sanchez
It's hard to know how to teach our children the value of a dollar. When they start getting allowance and growing up - they seem to want to buy it all. There are some ways we can help them appreciate how much they have, while learning to spend on only necessary items. <more...>

Chore Chart Success
by Kay Green
We started the Dime-a-chore system as taught by our pastor many years ago. I had tried several other systems over the years and none has worked as well as this one. I hope it works well for you too.  <more...>

Dads, Give Them Chores
by Mark Brandenburg
You have a chore to do around the house and your kids want to help out somehow. At this time of year, it might be holiday decorations. 

You know that it might be nice for them to help but you're feeling a bit impatient. And you know that it might turn into a two hour project and there might be a big mess to clean up. A mess that could be avoided if you did it yourself. <more...>

Ten Ways to Have More Responsible Children 
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
We'd all like our kids to develop into responsible people.  How can we help to ensure that our kids learn the lessons of responsibility? Here are some ideas  <more...>

God Don't Like Rich People
by Skye Thomas
I will never forget the day that my daughter's sixth grade friend told me that. We had been discussing someone who had recently lost a fortune and had become very bitter as a result. She suddenly piped up with <more...>

Good Manners
By Dionna Sanchez
Good manners. How often are they discussed in your home? How often are they reinforced?  It becomes very clear to me when I am in someone else's home, what manners I've neglected to enforce in my children. But on the other hand, it's so nice to receive praise <more...>

Grow a Successful Child
by Colleen Langenfeld
As parents, we all want to grow happy, healthy children. 
Unfortunately, parenting does not come with a guarantee, but there are some practical guidelines we can follow that will point our children in the right direction. Here are the suggestions our family has used in our continuing goal of raising six confident, competent adults (four children and two parents!).  <more...>

Top Ten Ways to Have More Responsible Children
by Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
1. Start them with tasks when they’re young.  Young kids have a strong desire to help out, even as young as age two. They can do a lot more than you think if you’re patient and creative. <more...>

A Parental Game of Chess
by Valerie Zilinsky
On a recent winter day, our son came home from school proclaiming a new-found love of the game of Chess. We were pleasantly surprised, as my husband has been trying to persuade him to try it for six years now. It seems that all it took was the knowledge that his classmates liked to play, and all of a sudden, he has dreams of being a master of the game.  <more...>

Time Management for Kids
by Rachel Paxton
Do you ever feel like there's not enough time in the day? You've just realized it's time for bed, and you still haven't accomplished all you set out to do today?  <more...>

Sneaky Fun
Play With Your Kids and Still Get the Job Done
by Colleen Langenfeld
"Mom, I'm bored!"  "Dad, play with me!!"  Sound familiar? <more...>

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chores and responsibility


chores and responsibility