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Electronic Kid
by Dionna Sanchez

Do you remember when you were a kid? I do because sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. I remember loving my paper and Barbie dolls; along with bike riding in the summertime. I didn't watch an excessive amount of TV, and going to the movies was a special occasion.

Now, I see such a different environment available for our children. It is one filled with advantages that I didn't have. But it is also an environment that concerns me a great deal. I see a lot of the activities that are so prevalent among kids today being used as babysitting tools. These activities do not encourage creativity, self-confidence, or physical fitness. I battle this mentality in my own home as well and it is such a struggle because it seems to be an "in your face" kind of environment.

I am talking about the age of electronics. Computers, Nintento, TV, Movies, Sega, Gameboy, etc. I don't feel any of these activities are harmful in and of themselves. But it is when they are fed to children in excess that I get concerned. 

We found in our house that making a rule of no television (without us knowing the program and its content including the news) makes for a happier and less fearful child. You need to be careful because children can get so addictive at young ages!

In my opinion, the healthiest electronic to be introduced into our homes is the computer. It is so fun to discover all the information and capabilities that it is capable of bringing you. Again though, children need supervision, boundaries, and rules. There is so much to see and do in the real world that when I have witnessed excessive electronic use, I see children get bored more easily and use less creativity. I find that to be very sad.

Although electronics can be used for a lot of good things, they can also be a real detriment to childhood growth mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. We need to find just the right balance for our kids.

I would like to try very hard to limit the intake of electronics into my children's hearts, souls and minds. I want them to be healthy, creative, wise, full of energy, and well-rounded. I am not going to take away this advantage they have over my generation, but try to balance it, monitor it, and then relax and enjoy it with them because I value who they are and who they will be when they grow up. Won't you join me?

~Dionna Sanchez encourages moms to help balance their job as a parent, wife and individual woman through her Emphasis On Moms ministry at

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