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Helping Children Learn of Godís Special Plan for Their Lives
by Lisa M. Hendey

Book Review Ė Duncan Carries a King by Dan Taylor and Damon J. Taylor

Most of us search for purpose in our lives, and children are no exception to this. In the new book Duncan Carries a King (Kregel Kidzone, January 2005, hardcover, 32 pages) authors Dan Taylor and Damon J. Taylor introduce the character Duncan the Donkey. Duncan feels lost and useless, unable to ascertain his purpose in life. He looks around him and sees the friends he grew up with pursuing meaningful jobs that make a difference. He has a strong desire for God to use him in some way, but he sadly is unable to determine a vocation.

Blending fiction with Biblical accounts, the authors introduce the story of Jesus sending his disciples to find a young donkey that he will ride into Jerusalem, fulfilling a prophecy from Zechariah. Duncan the donkey learns that God does indeed have a purpose for his life Ė God has specifically chosen him to carry his son Jesus into Jerusalem. Duncanís triumphant entry into the holy city leaves him wondering what plan God has in store for him next.

With bold illustrations and a plot that aligns closely with the New Testament account of Jesusí entry into Jerusalem, Duncan Carries a King is the perfect tool for parents looking to teach children the message that God has given each of us unique and precious talents. Also included in the book is a special section for parents including objectives and discussion questions for parents or teachers. Children will love Duncan Carries a King for its creativity and the loveable Duncan. Parents will appreciate the book for its emphasis on prayer, patience, perseverance and a serving heart.

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child purpose


child purpose