child prayer


When Children Pray
By Dionna Sanchez 

I volunteered once a week in my daughter's first-grade class last year. I would usually be there to help out with reading, but once in awhile when the day would progress quickly or out-of-order; I'd get to witness Bible time. At the end of Bible time was prayer time. 

The first time I witnessed prayer time I got tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. It was one of the most touching moments I have seen. 

These precious children would pray about anything and everything. They cared about one another's requests and would pray for a friend's sick cat, dad who needed a job, vacation, or a hurt knee. It was so innocent and tender - yet a real eye opener. 

These children were being an example to me without even knowing it! They never laughed at someone else's concern, they didn't worry about how simple their words were, and they prayed earnestly. 

I firmly believe that our world would be changed if we all bared one another's burdens in love like this small group of children. 

And I know that God listens when children pray. I can see why! There has never been a more honest heart than a child's when he/she prays! 

I am humbled and thankful that children can sometimes see what we can't. They see the need to care, love, listen, hope...and pray. 

Dionna Sanchez volunteers in her children's classes each week at school. She takes what she learns from children and sometimes shares it with you at

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child prayer


child prayer