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Promoting Your Child's Heart Health
by Rae Pica
Cardiovascular endurance is one of the five health-related components of physical fitness. It refers to the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. In simple terms, someone with great cardiovascular endurance has a strong heart – one that actually grows in size and pumps more blood with every beat, resulting in a lower heart rate.  <more...>

Fat-Proof Your Family: God's Way to Forming Healthy Habits for Life 
by J. Ron Eaker, MD
Andy had not always been overweight. There was a time when he was about average, not too big, not too small. He worked well with others, so he was popular, but now he always had a feeling that people viewed him differently because of his size. He even believed that he had been passed over a couple of times when he knew he could do a job. He tried not to let the fact that he was bigger than others get in the way of enjoying life, but it was getting difficult. <more...>

More Movement, Smarter Kids
by Rae Pica
Most people can understand how physical activity can impact not only their child’s physical development but also his social/emotional development. But intellectual development? What could movement possibly have to do with learning? After all, schools – where most of the child’s learning is supposed to take place – are our prime promoters of inactivity.  <more...>

Turn off the TV – and Turn on to Physical Activity!
By Rae Pica
Imagine having no television for an entire season. Such was the case for a friend, whose mother hauled the appliance right out of the house at the start of every summer. Surprisingly, Ola and her siblings didn’t miss it, as they managed to keep themselves busy in other ways. <more...>

Validating vs. Indulging Children’s Feelings
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
I grew up at a time when children’s feelings were not important. I was supposed to go along with the program without complaint, regardless of how I felt. If I was upset about something, my mother generally responded with, “Don’t be ridiculous,” while my father just ignored me. Many of my counseling clients had similar experiences in their growing-up years.  <more...>

Childhood Obesity
by Rae Pica
Economist John Kenneth Galbraith has said that more people die in this country of too much food than of too little. It’s an appalling notion — but an accurate one. As of 1999 more than 60 percent of American adults were overweight or obese — and obesity among children was increasing faster than among adults.  <more...>

What Might Surprise You about Childhood Obesity
by Rae Pica
The formula is pretty straightforward: energy in/energy out. This is the term nutritionists use to describe the intended balance between calories consumed and calories burned. If the level of physical activity is not great enough to burn the amount of calories taken in, weight increases. If this imbalance continues, overweight and possibly obesity result. <more...>

How to take charge of the TV 
by Anil Vij
Many children enjoy TV, and they can learn from it. Keep in mind, though, that young children often imitate what they see, good or bad. It's up to you to decide how much TV and what kinds of shows your child should watch. <more...>

Are You Chasing Dollars or Your Kids?
by Brian Maloney
Striking a perfect balance between work and home today can be difficult task for most of us. However, do you ever wonder if your spending too much time chasing money and not enough with your children? <more...>

Preparing For Baby: 
Strategies, Tools, and Tips For First Time Grandmothers
by Theresa V. Wilson
Preparing for baby is an exciting process that can be as unique as childbirth for first time grandmothers. Once you recover from the initial shock that your baby is no longer your baby, it’s time to get mentally and physically prepared to offer proactive support to both mommy and daddy from the beginning of the pre-birth process until the end of the new mom’s recuperation phase. It is truly more than preparing for baby showers, opening gifts, and recording cards.

Kids as Competent Movers
by Rae Pica
Those of us in the movement field (and those in the early childhood field who believe in the value of movement) often have to answer the question “Why are you doing this stuff?” Answering it knowledgeably and well is especially critical in this age of academic accountability.
Though movement is indeed essential to children’s understanding of academic content areas, we have to remember that, first and foremost, movement is about the acquisition and refinement of motor skills. And this has value, too!

Waiting Room Boredom Remedies
by Deborah Shelton
Going to the doctor is no fun--not for adults and especially not for kids. Not only is the impending meeting with the doctor a little scary, but also the time spent in the waiting room can be excruciating for young children.  Here are a few fun and super simple ways to beat the waiting room boredom blues.  <more...>

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