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Waiting Room Boredom Remedies
by Deborah Shelton
The Five Minute Parent

Going to the doctor is no fun--not for adults and 
especially not for kids. Not only is the impending meeting 
with the doctor a little scary, but also the time spent in 
the waiting room can be excruciating for young children. 
Here are a few fun and super simple ways to beat the 
waiting room boredom blues.

* Waiting rooms are filled with magazines. Use this time to help children practice their reading skills. Have your 
child read the headlines and text aloud to you (not too 

* Play a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe! Have a tournament: the best 3 out of 5 games wins...or depending on how long you're waiting for the doctor, it could be the best 5 out of 7, or more.

* Bring along a gallon-sized Ziploc baggie and a few dry-
erase or washable markers. Slip a sheet of blank paper or 
an entire magazine into the baggie. If you use a magazine, don't tear out pages (even though most doctor offices receive free magazine subscriptions, it's just not polite to tear them). Trace the magazine cover through the plastic. Wipe the baggie clean with a tissue and start over with a new picture.

* Try to stump each other with word scrambles. Use a pencil and piece of paper to rearrange the letters of a word, and then decipher them. 

* Play Find-A-Feeling: Ask your child to look through a 
magazine and find a happy person. Discuss why they think the person is happy, sad, upset, etc., (ask them for 
examples such as facial expressions and body language). 
This will help your child recognize and acknowledge the 
feelings of others.

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Child Games


Child Games