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Raising Boys as Gentlemen
by Dionna Sanchez
Emphasis On Moms

You know one of the first things that stood out when I was dating my husband? He opened doors for me. I was surprised but delighted because I see so little of that these days.

I want my son to stand out like that. I want him to open doors for ladies, give flowers, offer to help with supper, and dress nicely. 

Now I can hear it right now. People are telling me that these expectations are nice but not very realistic. I disagree. Thatís how boys used to be raised. The only difference now is that most parents donít seem to care anymore. They let their sons live in slothful conditions leaving food residue around the house; dress in slothful conditions; and they do not teach etiquette because Ė well Ė they are boys.

Iím not saying itís easy. Itís not. There are certain areas that sometimes I have to wonder if our son will ever learn the lesson. But the point is he IS learning it.

I never understood why people chalked behavioral problems up to boys just being boys. They are that way (in my opinion) because no one takes the time to teach them to not be that way! 

I would love to see the lazy attitude of todayís boys be the exception instead of the norm. We can teach our sons to be proud of whom they are. What parent wouldnít want to seize that opportunity?

~Dionna Sanchez raises a 15 year old son from her home in Idaho. She has created Emphasis On Moms at

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child etiquette


child etiquette